pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party (exs_to_the_ohs) wrote in movie_nazis,
pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party

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"Message In A Bottle, Yeah"

I love so many movies, I might as well let you take a little peek into my mind[ps.i'm new]:

High Art.Requiem.Fear And Loathing.Thirteen.Lost
In Translation.Drugstore Cowboy.Boogie Nights.The Royal Tennenbaums.21 Grams.Capturing The Friedmans.Clerks.Gia.28 Days Later.The Doors Movie.The Wall.Red Dragon.Margarita Happy Hour.Wild Cherry Foxy Lady.Trainspotting.KIDS.Gummo.Party Monster.Wonderland.Ken Park.Trees Lounge.Sweet Sixteen.Stoked.Evil Dead.House Of A 1000 Corpses.A Nightmare On Elm St.Resevoir Dogs.A Nightmare Before Chrismas.Monty Python and The Meaning Of Life. The Ring.SPUN.The Salton Sea.HAPPINESS.Fight Club.Full Metal Jacket.And The Band Played On.The Rules Of Attraction.Less Than Zero.Pretty In Pink.The Breakfast Club.American History X. Romper Stomper.Wish You Were Here.Hackers.The Craft.Mallrats.Better Off Dead.Groove.

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